Child Indoctrination Differences

    Another example of the connection between V for Vendetta, 1984, and the real world is the theme around the importance of children. For example, in 1984 children are told to worship the government and to treat the government as an entity more valuable to them than their parents. Frequently, the Oceanic government exemplifies children who have betrayed their government, and thus Winston encounters his neighbor’s children, "…ador[ing] the Party and everything connected with it. The songs, the processions, the banners, the hiking, the drilling with dummy rifles, the yelling of slogans, the worship of Big Brother-it was all a glorious game to them" (Orwell 24). The people of Oceania are taught right from birth that family means nothing and to worship the government. To value "the songs, the processions, the banners" over their families. For this reason, no rebellion can foment in Oceania as children report it. The Party uses children to exert control over its population. This combined with its ability to create unpersons cements the government's ability to maintain control over the populace very similarly to how Nazis controlled theirs. Similarly, the Nazis also indoctrinated children into being completely loyal to the Nazi party. The Hitler Youth were an organization much like the Youth organizations in 1984 which forced children to worship the party. In contrast, the abscence of indoctrination of children in V for Vendetta leads eventually to the downfall of the party. Right before November 5th and the promised explosion of parliament. Right before the scene with the powerful table it shows a scene with a young girl spray painting a sign. This sign states "strength through unity unity through faith" (V for Vendetta 1:39:29-1:39:49). The girl draws a very large X through the sign, making it obvious that she is against it, however upon seeing Evey she runs away because she, as a child, is still afraid. Despite her powerlessness, the child still chooses to oppose the government because she has not been indoctrinated in the same way those in Oceania or Nazi Germany have been, and this allows her to create rebellion. This translates to the real world as well where the youth have frequently been the instigators for social change. For example, the infamous Tianammen Square massacre was started by the young students of the time, and those who died in it were largely the young too. Despite the failure of the Massacre to bring about local change, on the world stage views of China drastically changed. On the other hand, the inability of Chancellor Sutler to maintain control over his populace in this similar way is a reason for the ability of the masses to protest and watch Parliament blow up on November 5th.